February 27, 2013

Day 51: Verde

Italian class was a field trip today. We were given a list of questions in Italian and went to the San Lorenzo market, a large indoor food market, to find the answers. My team was "verde" (green), and included Jess, Nikki, Katie, and myself. We didn't win, but it was still fun. At the end I bought a chocolate and banana muffin. It was very good, but dry like most of the cake/ pastries here.
I then had Dante class followed by teaching.  Maria Grazia divided the class into groups and the students read two pages on skyscrapers. I helped with pronunciation while they read. I was in the 3C class, which is one of my favorites. My group had a boy I adore and another who is a class clown but very sweet and friendly to me (he is the kid who tried to give me a high five when I was sick).
For dinner I had pasta and salad. For dessert I had this cookie, which is a tube filled with chocolate.
Then Amanda and I watched the beginning of "The Hunger Games." I read the books last spring/ summer and don't entirely like the casting. As much as I like Jennifer Lawrence, I think she is too old and just doesn't fit the Katniss role.

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