February 20, 2013

Day 44: Berlin!

metro map bear
I got up and mapped out some places to go. Then woke up Caleb, waited for him to get ready, and then left. We first went to the Berlin Cathedral. We stopped at another church on the way that was pretty cool. We only saw the outside of the cathedral because it was expensive to go in.

A cool fountain

Next we went to lunch. I had coffee and a plum cake. We went to the DDR museum, which is an interactive museum on east Berlin during the Cold War. It was a really cool place and I definitely would recommend it to anyone visiting Berlin.



Next I went to the Memorial to the Slain Jews. Outside is a strange memorial with these big grey blocks of different heights. Underground there is a museum. They have letters, pictures and histories of families killed. It was a very sad exhibit.

We then got on a train and went to the victory column. It was difficult to find, but once we did it was pretty cool. It was nightfall by this point and very cold.

We had dinner at the hostel. I had curry wurst which wasn't my favorite.

Then went on a bar hop. It was really fun and I met new people. We went to four bars and a club. There were two men from Brazil, a man and woman from Finland, several people from Australia (not all together) and two men from England. I really liked talking to them. At one bar I talked with one of the Australians about books and communications. He later picked me up at the club so I could see what being tall is like. The one Brazilian was a little scary looking, with a pierced lip, log hair and wearing all black, but he was very nice. I also talked with a group about politics for a while and about our different countries. They were all surprised that we were American based on how we acted. Americans have a reputation in Europe that is hard to explain, but it is not a positive one.
Our stamps (please excuse the language)
Bar 1: Throwback bar
Bar 2: "The Last Cathedral", gothic and heavy metal theme

Bar 3: Ping Pong bar (Bar 4 was Absinth, but I didn't take a pic)

Caleb and me
British guy, me and a Brazilian guy
Caleb and Me with the bar crawl director, Adrian

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