February 12, 2013

Day 36: The Uffizi Gallery

This weeks schedule is a little mixed up so instead of having no classes I had two and a meeting. First I had Dante class. We talked about Canto XXVI, which features Ulysses (Odysseus). Alessandro went on a long rant/ lecture using my spring break plans as an example, saying that it was my duty to return to Florence and finish my studies rather than running off from Berlin to China. Everyone was laughing, as I am only going to Berlin with one person and they find it amusing that that would be the person I would running away with (this is more so for me to remember when I read this blog later, so if you are confused why this is funny, just ignore this section).
Next I had an outing for Art History. We went to the Uffizi gallery! It was cool and I got to see some cool paintings by artists I have been studying. I will be going back on another outing to see pieces created later in time as we study those periods of art. I do not have pictures as photography is forbidden. However, here are some links to paintings made by three painters of the early Renaissance (in order they were made):
Cimabue's "Maesta"
Duccio's "Entroned Madonna and Angels"
Giotto's "Madonna Enthroned"

Then I had a meeting for my internship to review last week's experience and discuss our interactions with the teachers as well as future plans, such as making activities for the students to do.
The rest of the afternoon was reserved to midterm studying. For dinner I had a chicken drumstick, pasta with a small amount of spinach sauce and chunks of spinach (looked like pesto, but it was not), potato chunks, and salad. For dessert I had a cream/ pudding with small chunks of cake in it that was red on top (food coloring possibly).

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