February 23, 2013

Day 47: The Praguenosis

 My third day in Prague was very cold and snowy. I woke up and got ready as per usual and then hung around the apartment after waking the guys. We went for a walk and took Jen and Mandy to the Lenin Wall. On the way, about a block from the wall, I slipped and fell on my wrist. I lost all feeling and was unable to move anything from the tips of my fingers to just before my elbow. I gradually got eeling back, which was quite painful. My hand was not fully mobile for a good hour or two, and I was unable to bear weight and had sever pain from turning my wrist.

 For lunch we went to a small caffe. I had a coffee and beef goulash soup in a bread bowl. It was wonderful and so warm!

 Mandy, Katie and I split off and went for a walk. We saw the castle from a distance and then went to central Prague to see the astrological clock. We also went shopping. I bought a pair of leggings that are black and grey with stripes on one leg and stars on the other. They are really strange, but very European.
 For dinner we went to a restaurant near our apartment. I had fried cheese and potatoes. It was similar to mozzarella sticks, but so much better. For dessert I had an ice cream sundae. It had pistachio and vanilla ice cream and apple slices. Unfortunately it had oranges and walnuts in it, which I had to take out, but otherwise it was delicious.


Czech money, about 50 euro

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