February 13, 2013

Day 37: Midterms Day 1

Midterms began today (woohoo!). I first had Italian, which was pretty easy since I studied for it and knew what I was doing. My class focuses on grammar rather than vocabulary, which I am better at. Next I went to the Palazzo Capponi and studied for a little bit before my next exam. For Dante, we had to write two essays on either Canto X, Canto XV, Canto XXVI, or Virgil (we had to pick two). I wrote about Brunetto Latini from Canto XV and Ulysses from Canto XXVI.
Then I had teaching. I went to a level 3 English class, which I went to teach History last week. Mariagrazia had the students read out loud a paper about the Statue of Liberty and had them ask questions. We helped to explain some of the history and share some information she didn't know as much about such as Ellis Island.
It was gorgeous out today. The weather was mild, with a slight breeze and temperatures in the mid 40s. Below are pictures I took when I crossed the bridge between my two exams.

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