February 14, 2013

Day 38: Valentine's Day (and Midterms Day 2)

For Valentine's Day Rosanna had heart shaped biscuit cookies for dipping into coffee for breakfast. I had two and they were delicious!
I had teaching at 9am. We taught the students the "head, shoulders, knees and toes" song to help them learn body parts. We also played "Simon says..". The students were excited and loved the games.
Then I had my Renaissance Art History exam. It went pretty well. The first section was identifying and describing the techniques used in paintings (we were each given 5 pictures). The second section was an essay on the 1200s Florentine development of the innovations of painting leading into the first generation of the Renaissance.
I then had a break until 3pm for lunch and studying. My last midterm exam was for my Architecture and Urban Planning of Florence class. It went ok, my essay wasn't as strong as my previous ones. Speaking of previous essays, I got my 2000 word paper back and I got an....

Funny story: I was in the library and someone was talking about needing a bandaid, making me remember that I had put one on my hand last night. It was not on my hand anymore, so I figured I must have taken it off this morning and forgot. When I got home I had a piece of bread with some peanut butter.. and found the bandaid in the peanut butter jar... ew!

 Valentine's day isn't really my favorite holiday. Especially since I am oversees and can't get any of my favorite candy (I would kill for some Dove dark chocolate or Reese's peanut butter hearts). But the A+ and awesome comments from my professor on my essay made the day 10x better. I got cards from my two best friends, Lauren and Julianne, last week and put them on my desk. My roommate also made me a card.

For dinner we had mini potato pancakes, crepes filled with egg, and "pizza." For dessert we had a bowl of chocolate and slices of a loaf of cake. The cake was somewhat like a fig newton's crust, but was sweeter and dense and delicious!
We gave Rosanna a Valentine's card that Amanda made in Italian class. She was so excited! She read it and was so happy, I can't even describe it! She kissed Amanda on her cheeks and then kissed the back of my head. I think we made her day!

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