February 15, 2013

Day 39: Amsterdam Take 2

breakfast at the Pisa airport: a cream filled croissant
I took a bus from Florence to the Pisa Airport. I had a croissant filled with cream and then boarded the plane to Eindhoven. It was about a 2 hour flight. When we landed there was snow on the ground. Then I took a bus to Amsterdam.
I have now been to three cities in Holland: Amsterdam, Eindhoven, and Hoak van Holland.

We arrived at our hostel around 10:30am and then hung out in the bar. I ate a sandwich I had made to finish off my loaf of bread before leaving for break when we first got to the hostel, then around noon I went out and got a blueberry muffin from a shop a few doors down. It was absolutely wonderful!

I then went for a walk with Amanda, Corinne, Lexi, Jen and Caleb. We walked around and reached a big square which I had been in on my last visit. Then I directed us to a road full of shops. Corinne, Jen and Lexi went to a store an the rest of us kept walking. We went on a long trek around the city. We got back to the hostel just before we could check in at 3pm.

We moved into our room. The room was divided in two sections each with five beds (two bunks and one single) and a bathroom. The guys grabbed the singles and the girls chose the bunks. I had a top bunk on the side with Corinne below me, Amanda and Lexi on the other bunk and Caleb on the single.

Exhausted, everyone took naps. I stayed up and finished reading my book I started on the Barcelona trip. Amanda, Lexi and I then went on a walk. Lexi bailed out and then Amanda and I got dinner.. well French fries. Mine had mayonaise on top and were absolutely coated in it. I ended up with mayo drenched hands (moisturizer?). The fries were delicious, I just wish they had gone a little lighter on the condiments.

M&Ms crispy: the BEST candy ever! (they used to sell in the states and I found them in Amsterdam!!)

Most of the people went to a rave, but Corinne, Cella, Amanda and I just clicked at the hostel. There is a bar just for the hostel downstairs so we just stayed down there. Corinne and Cella went to bed, and Amanda and I played scrabble on my phone.

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