February 22, 2013

Day 46: A Practical Czech is Considered To Be Praguematic.

Katie and I got up and went for a walk. We saw swans when we were down by the river. On our way back to the apartment we stopped and got groceries.

For breakfast Katie cooked scrambled eggs, sliced an apple and cut up bread. I also bought a yogurt and we bought orange juice (which I obviously didn't drink). I woke up Joe and Caleb, and we all ate. Then the guys got ready for the day.


I signed my name on the "LOVE"

 We went walking around and saw some of central Prague and saw the Lenin wall. For lunch we went to a restaurant. I had beef goulash with dumplings and a beer. The food was really good, but the beer wasn't so great.

 We walked around more an saw the Lenin Wall. On our way back we had T.. something... It was coated in cinnamon and powdered sugar, and was crispy. It was wonderful!

For dinner we went shopping again. Joe made pasta. Caleb shredded cheese and Joe mixed it in after the pasta was drained with salt and pepper. Katie stir fried frozen mixed veggies. I cut up bread and planned to toast it in the oven. But we couldn't figure out the oven, so instead I pan fried it with olive oil. It was pretty good!

Late at night, two others joined us, Mandy and Jen. Mandy shared a bed with Joe and Katie, and Jen slept on the ground. We all went to a club called Karlovy Lazne/ the "Five Story Club." It a lot of fun!

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