February 26, 2013

Day 50: XRAYS/ Stop Asking If I Am Pregnant!

got another letter today!
Today I had an IDLS meeting and then had lunch in the library. I have mostly lost my ability to use my fingers and my hand is even more swollen then previously. I went to the doctor in the early afternoon. He looked at my hand and then sent me to get xrays. When I got to the xray place, my card wouldn't work so I had to go home and call my bank. Apparently they thought my card was stolen when I used it in Milan. After getting that straightened out I went back to get my xray.

This was my first time getting an xray and the guy spoke no English, only Italian. It was quite the experience. Between my doctor, the technician and the receptionist I was asked if I was pregnant sbout 15 times in two different languages!!
I returned to the doctor's office with my xrays. The xray place detected nothing, but my doctor looked over them. There was severe tissue swelling, but no visible breaks. He still believes there is a fracture, but it is too small to detect via xray. He persribed me an anti-infamitory, a wrist brace and told me to sling it above the heart. I am to return if it does not improve. As I am right handed, it is very difficult to function with just my left one (I'm currently typing one handed).
For dinner we had pasta tubes with cheese, cooked spinach and a chicken leg. For dessert we had a slice of a small pie -like thing. Rosanna made the top look like a heart. It was thick crusted with a thin layer of chocolate pudding like filling.
Rosanna gave me ice for my hand which was wonderful.

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