February 17, 2013

Day 41: iAMsterdam


Cella, Amanda and Caleb got up early and went to the Anne Frank house. I slept until 9 and got ready. As I finished up, Corinne got up so I waited for her and woke the rest for breakfast. All but Joe went down for food. I had granola with strawberry yogurt, coffee, milk, a slice of bread with strawberry jam, and a roll with cheese that I toasted. I took an apple and clementine for later.

We grabbed two couches with a coffee table to eat at. The one couch fit 2 and the other 3, so I sat on the ground, which I didn't mind at all. Midway through an older gentlemen came up carrying a chair and told me to sit in it, saying sitting on the floor was bad for me. It was actually really sweet!

I believe I can flyyyy

We all went to the I AMsterdam sign. (I titled this blog entry before knowing this was the day we would be visiting it.. nifty!) Some biked, but Amanda, Lexi, Mandy and I walked. We took pictures and then most of the group left. Amanda and I continued taking pictures then went to a jungle gym an skatepark near by. We also went into this park and fooled around, jumping and stuff, for a while. We walked towards the hostel. We got a tad bit lost and decided to follow this group of cute guys. Somehow we actually managed to return to familiar territory. We had another Belgian waffle at the same place. This time we split one with ice cream. It was wonderful!

For dinner Corinne, Caleb, Lexi and I went to a felafel place. None of them had it before (Lexi had once), but try all loved it. It was cool to introduce something new to people and have then actually like it.

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