February 18, 2013

Day 42: "Berlin! Berlin! Wir fahren nach Berlin!"

 I woke up at 8am, got ready and had breakfast. I had the same as the two days before but drank water instead of milk. I took an apple (I had given Joe my other one yesterday) and a clementine. Then I checked out and went to the train station with Caleb. We found our train pretty easily, though we're a tad bit confused at first trying to find the platform number. We got on the train and headed to Berlin at 11am.

On the train I listened to music and read "Anna Karenina." The second book on my spring break trip, I really enjoyed it.

Once in Berlin we took the local train to our hostel. Our hostel is pretty cool and is located near the train system that pretty much gets you anywhere in the city.

We looked up a place for dinner, but were unable to find it so instead we decided just to pick a random place. We went to a Turkish resturant. Caleb ordered a number 4, and I ordered a 1, which was some kind of veggie sandwich. The man shook his head and told me I was having a 4, so I went with it. He asked me what toppings (sauce and veggies) I wanted and I just said everything. He was so surprised. The sandwich was huge and I have no idea what half of it was. There was some sort of meat that had been skewered and grilled. Then spicy white sauce, spicy red sauce and spicy.. spice. Then there was lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cucumber and possibly mint.

We got back to the hostel and attempted to find the pool, just so we could see. We failed at this task. So instead we went back up to our room. Caleb turned on the TV while I mapped out places to go the next days. We switched between channels which included some news in English, and Spongebob, Burn Notice, and some weird talking brick thing in German. I had the remote at one point and turned on the news. They were reporting on violence on Sudan. I changed the channel to Spongebob before falling asleep. I woke again around 2 am. I had my map and other things all over my bed, so had been sleeping in a corner near my pillow with my legs hanging off. How I didn't fall off I don't know. It was maybe 2 am and I got up, put away my things and showered.

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