February 9, 2013

Day 33: First Family Skype

I worked on my paper most of the day today. Not exciting, but I am here for school, so its gotta get done.

This is not chocolate cake.. sad face :(
For dinner I had pesto penne. The pasta was a little too undone, but otherwise it was pretty good. On the way home Amanda and I stopped at a bar and split what we thought was chocolate cake. What looked like a delicious cake turned out not to be chocolate but some sort of fruit cake with jam filling. It was honestly pretty disgusting.
When I got home, I skyped with my Mom, Mike and sister, Riley. It was the first time I have talked to anyone in my family (other than email). It was nice to talk to them and will hopefully do so again in a few weeks.
I then went to a bar called Naima to meet up with Jess, Nikki and Caleb. We then went to Nikki and Jess'  British friend's apartment and hung out their for a little bit. There was this hilariously flamboyant guy there who had just turned 21 and a big group of girls from New Jersey. They were all going to Space, but we (Caleb, Amanda, Nikki, Jess and I) decided to go to Twice. Its not a great club, but its free, so we go there sometimes.

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