February 21, 2013

Day 45: Czech It Out

Today we were to go to Prague. We got ready and headed to the train station. We took the trains per the instructions of the woman at the hostel front desk. That's when things went south. After exiting the train station we couldn't find the bus station. We wandered around in circles before someone finally was able to give us directions. We missed the bus and had to book another for later in the afternoon. It was upsetting to have to pay for another ticket, but luckily it wasn't too expensive. I hate that I basically wasted money on the first ticket. I nearly cried when we were searching for the station, knowing we weren't going to make it. I was actually a little bit of a wreck and freaking out. My goal was to stay positive, despite how horrible this was and how upset it made me. I have never had a problem similar to this. It was definitely a learning experience and as unfortunate as it was, I still was able to get to my destination and at a cheaper cost than if I had flown or taken a train.

While waiting for the bus, we had Chinese food. I had Chop Suey.
The temp when we arrived in Prague. So cold!
Delayed by the bus fiasco, we didn't arrive in Prague until 6:30pm. We went to the apartment we were staying at and met up with Katie.

We went to dinner at a place I found online that was nearby and had good reviews. I had a traditional Czech dish of sirloin with cream sauce and dumplings. I had a dark beer that was somewhat sweet and didn't pair well with food, but tasted great on its own. I ordered dessert (a first in Europe). I had a traditional Czech cake called Meso?. It was chocolate cake with a layer of cream and thick chocolate icing (more like fudge). It was wonderful!
The sleeping situation at our apartment is interesting to say the least. The place sleeps 4, so it has two double beds. We will have 6 people staying here at one point, so we will definitely be getting cozy/ sleeping on the floor.

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