February 7, 2013

Day 31: Coughing My Way Through the Day

At 9am I had to be on the other side of the city to teach. This morning my class was a level 1. They spoke English pretty well for the most part and I got to talk to some of them in a smaller group. They are currently studying menus and hobbies. They asked me questions about different things I like to do such as my favorite music and if I could swim.

After class, I went with some of the other interns to Mama's Bakery and got a sesame bagel with butter. It was delicious! Then I had a tour of the San Marco Convent for my Art History class. The frescoes there were pretty cool, but Luca's lecture was extremely boring and redundant.
San Marco convent
I didn't have class again for several hours, but went to the Palazzo Capponi library. I had a short meeting with Laura and Alessandro then ate my lunch and went on reddit. I tried to take notes for my paper, but I didn't get very far. Instead I doodled on my notes.
My sketches/ doodles based on two of Giotto's paintings
Architecture class was pretty interesting. Luca lectured on the urban planning of Florence and the various sets of wall built around it throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. He ended class early and I started walking home.

Before I got to the bridge, I saw my roommate and Joe in the copy store. I walked in behind them and startled them a little. I waited for Joe to get his plane ticket printed so I could walk home with them. We went to a gelato store two doors down that just opened. I had "cookies" flavor, which was french vanilla with chunks of chocolate oreo like cookies and crumbles of chocolate chip cookies. It was really good and I will be trying other flavors at this place soon.
When I got home I worked on my Architecture midterm paper for a little while. For dinner I had rice with tomato sauce cooked in it, breaded beef on a stick (looked sorta like a corndog, only it was greyish beef instead of a hotdog inside), and then two mystery round pieces of something. One was a dark green and the other was maybe chicken with almost tempura like breading. For dessert Rosanna made donuts coated in sugar.
I met up with some of my classmates at a bar. I'm still sick and coughing, so I just stayed for a little bit in hopes of being just a little bit social. I wasn't a big fan of the bar we were at, it was overcrowded, loud and had a weird layout. The rest of my classmates went to a club after, but I went home and to sleep.

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