February 8, 2013

Day 32: 2000 Word Papers and Midterms, Yeehaw!

I always fail to do much of anything on Fridays. I slept until the afternoon, much needed since I have been sick since Sunday (but really starting last Thursday). I got some homework done, mostly taking notes/ making an outline for a midterm paper due on Monday. I am writing about The Cathedral of Florence and the Santa Croce Church, comparing them based on their architectural features. It isn't the most interesting topic, but it also isn't the most dull paper I have ever written. I have visited both churches, so it is cool to have had the real life experience on the topic I am writing, rather than just a classroom lecture and textbook like at JMU.

Lemons inside the tables, under glass, at the pizzeria.
For dinner Amanda and I got pizza about 5 blocks from our house. We split a Margharita, which is tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil.

the weird forks

all done!
After dinner we went home and continued my paper. I had hoped to write my paper this week at school, but I was just too ill to do anything other than sleep and get through my classes. That unfortunately means I have to spend my weekend doing work. This upcoming week I have midterms on Wednesday and Thursday, so I will have to start studying for those too. I also have another midterm paper due after spring break which I need to write (see the drawing from yesterday.. those were my notes for this paper) and hopefully get done before break.

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