February 2, 2013

Day 26: Homesick

Today was a rough day to say the least. I slept in, as I am still trying to fight off a cold. It was pouring rain most of the day, so I stayed in my room and read. For dinner Amanda and I trudged out in the rain and got chinese food at a restaurant a block from the Duomo (in general, there is a lot of good food near there). I had a cafe and fried rice with shrimp.
After dinner, I went back home and skyped a big group of my friends, several of which were visiting my home campus for a basketball game. The internet connection here is horrible, especially with the rain, so the video kept freezing and it was sometimes hard to hear. Depsite that, it was really fun to talk to my friends. There was about 9 or 10 of them, so it was crazy as they were having side conversations, talking to me and moving around the room. I talked to two of the guys and I taught them some curse words in sign language. I also was left briefly "alone in the room" with my one friend while he changed clothes, I was dying laughing and we had a conversation about speaking German. It was a fun time talking to everyone, but it was also extremely sad for me to be away from them.
On top of that, my fraternity (its co-ed.. obvi..) handed out bids on Friday and had the bid celebration. I keep seeing pictures and posts about it on facebook and am so upset to be missing an amazing semester with my brothers.
I have also not yet talked to my family. I have emailed, but haven't skyped or talked to anyone on the phone. It is tough since everyone has busy schedules and phone calls are expensive, but I will need to have a call with my family with in the week.
So, I just am extremely homesick at this point. I have yet to really make good friends here, except my roommate, and it is difficult when I talk to my good friends, knowing what I am missing at school. In many ways I do not want to rush my experience here, but at this point I would do anything to have friends and more so to be with my friends at home. I do not regret my decision to come here, but right now I am debating whether it was the best choice.

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