February 28, 2013

Day 52: Santa Maria Novella

Today I was beyond exhausted. I had to get up early to teach. I volunteer to assist teaching History, which is an extra hour a week. I got to school just before 8am and found Lucia. For whatever reason, I was the only one who showed up. Lucia got the computer and was having a kid set it up for a lesson on Ellis Island. Unfortunately it wasn't working so she had me leave and teach the lesson next week. I had some time to kill, so I went for a walk before teaching English at 9am. In that class, Maria Grazia divided the students into groups and we did several activities. The students read a comic, used a picture to say things such as "the book is under the desk," and played a game where one student thought of an animal and the rest asked questions to guess the animal.
Then I had an art visit at the Santa Maria Novella church.

I went to the library after to finish some reading then watched two episodes of Supernatural. Then I had Architecture class.
I went home and fell asleep until dinner. Rosanna made pasta with red sauce, salad, and a piece of beef that was very dark and almost greenish in color (and tasted horrible). For dessert we had the same cookies from the day before.

I forgot to mention before, but Jean Marcel moved out Monday and Flavia while we were on break.

February 27, 2013

Day 51: Verde

Italian class was a field trip today. We were given a list of questions in Italian and went to the San Lorenzo market, a large indoor food market, to find the answers. My team was "verde" (green), and included Jess, Nikki, Katie, and myself. We didn't win, but it was still fun. At the end I bought a chocolate and banana muffin. It was very good, but dry like most of the cake/ pastries here.
I then had Dante class followed by teaching.  Maria Grazia divided the class into groups and the students read two pages on skyscrapers. I helped with pronunciation while they read. I was in the 3C class, which is one of my favorites. My group had a boy I adore and another who is a class clown but very sweet and friendly to me (he is the kid who tried to give me a high five when I was sick).
For dinner I had pasta and salad. For dessert I had this cookie, which is a tube filled with chocolate.
Then Amanda and I watched the beginning of "The Hunger Games." I read the books last spring/ summer and don't entirely like the casting. As much as I like Jennifer Lawrence, I think she is too old and just doesn't fit the Katniss role.

February 26, 2013

Day 50: XRAYS/ Stop Asking If I Am Pregnant!

got another letter today!
Today I had an IDLS meeting and then had lunch in the library. I have mostly lost my ability to use my fingers and my hand is even more swollen then previously. I went to the doctor in the early afternoon. He looked at my hand and then sent me to get xrays. When I got to the xray place, my card wouldn't work so I had to go home and call my bank. Apparently they thought my card was stolen when I used it in Milan. After getting that straightened out I went back to get my xray.

This was my first time getting an xray and the guy spoke no English, only Italian. It was quite the experience. Between my doctor, the technician and the receptionist I was asked if I was pregnant sbout 15 times in two different languages!!
I returned to the doctor's office with my xrays. The xray place detected nothing, but my doctor looked over them. There was severe tissue swelling, but no visible breaks. He still believes there is a fracture, but it is too small to detect via xray. He persribed me an anti-infamitory, a wrist brace and told me to sling it above the heart. I am to return if it does not improve. As I am right handed, it is very difficult to function with just my left one (I'm currently typing one handed).
For dinner we had pasta tubes with cheese, cooked spinach and a chicken leg. For dessert we had a slice of a small pie -like thing. Rosanna made the top look like a heart. It was thick crusted with a thin layer of chocolate pudding like filling.
Rosanna gave me ice for my hand which was wonderful.

Day 49: Back in the Swing

It was back to school as usual. I had Italian, Art History and Architecture as well as the general meeting. I got midterms back and did well! It was nice to catch up with everyone. Unfortunately my wrist was KILLING me but my roommate wrapped it for me.
I had a big surprise when I got to school: five letters! My small group is absolutely the best! They all sent me the sweetest cards and I was so happy!

For dinner I had swirly pasta with red sauce, cold cauliflower in olive oil, and a rolled piece of beef. For dessert we had donuts with sugar.
We went to Uncle Jimmy's bar and then to a club/bar called Clubhouse.

February 24, 2013

Day 48: Back to Florence

Today was my last day of Spring break. It was sad to leave but I was ready to head home. Our flight was delayed an hour, so we had lunch. I had soup and the most expensive bottle of water I have ever purchased.

We flew to Milan then took s bus to the bus station. I got to see a good part of the city by doing so. Then I took a train back to Florence.

I arrived home and was so glad to be there! I semi-unpacked, downloaded my pictures and switched between uploading blog entries and editing a paper. Amanda got home later and we had a nice reunion.

February 23, 2013

Day 47: The Praguenosis

 My third day in Prague was very cold and snowy. I woke up and got ready as per usual and then hung around the apartment after waking the guys. We went for a walk and took Jen and Mandy to the Lenin Wall. On the way, about a block from the wall, I slipped and fell on my wrist. I lost all feeling and was unable to move anything from the tips of my fingers to just before my elbow. I gradually got eeling back, which was quite painful. My hand was not fully mobile for a good hour or two, and I was unable to bear weight and had sever pain from turning my wrist.

 For lunch we went to a small caffe. I had a coffee and beef goulash soup in a bread bowl. It was wonderful and so warm!

 Mandy, Katie and I split off and went for a walk. We saw the castle from a distance and then went to central Prague to see the astrological clock. We also went shopping. I bought a pair of leggings that are black and grey with stripes on one leg and stars on the other. They are really strange, but very European.
 For dinner we went to a restaurant near our apartment. I had fried cheese and potatoes. It was similar to mozzarella sticks, but so much better. For dessert I had an ice cream sundae. It had pistachio and vanilla ice cream and apple slices. Unfortunately it had oranges and walnuts in it, which I had to take out, but otherwise it was delicious.


Czech money, about 50 euro

February 22, 2013

Day 46: A Practical Czech is Considered To Be Praguematic.

Katie and I got up and went for a walk. We saw swans when we were down by the river. On our way back to the apartment we stopped and got groceries.

For breakfast Katie cooked scrambled eggs, sliced an apple and cut up bread. I also bought a yogurt and we bought orange juice (which I obviously didn't drink). I woke up Joe and Caleb, and we all ate. Then the guys got ready for the day.


I signed my name on the "LOVE"

 We went walking around and saw some of central Prague and saw the Lenin wall. For lunch we went to a restaurant. I had beef goulash with dumplings and a beer. The food was really good, but the beer wasn't so great.

 We walked around more an saw the Lenin Wall. On our way back we had T.. something... It was coated in cinnamon and powdered sugar, and was crispy. It was wonderful!

For dinner we went shopping again. Joe made pasta. Caleb shredded cheese and Joe mixed it in after the pasta was drained with salt and pepper. Katie stir fried frozen mixed veggies. I cut up bread and planned to toast it in the oven. But we couldn't figure out the oven, so instead I pan fried it with olive oil. It was pretty good!

Late at night, two others joined us, Mandy and Jen. Mandy shared a bed with Joe and Katie, and Jen slept on the ground. We all went to a club called Karlovy Lazne/ the "Five Story Club." It a lot of fun!