February 16, 2013

Day 40: "Amsterdam phone will ya?"

Amanda and I got up at 9am and got ready. We went downstairs for breakfast. I had yogurt with granola, a toasted roll with cheese, bread with cherry jam, milk, and coffee. I also got a tangerine or clementine for later in the day.

The Anne Frank Statue
Then we went to a gift shop. I got a postcard and Amanda got a keychain. We hung out in the bar for a while before people starting waking up. They headed to lunch so we continued to hang in the bar. I drew a lot, which I haven't done in a long time since coming here.

Amanda and I split some fries and then went with some of our friends. Our plans changed several times but eventually we just all split off and did or own thing. Amanda and I walked around and stopped in two cool shops. They sold kitschy stuff and I really liked it. I didn't buy anything but I really enjoyed seeing all the cool stuff.

We then went and got a Belgian waffle. It was amazing!! After eating we went back to the bar and played pool. I was horrible and these guys were hardcore judging us. It was a little awkward since I was wearing leggings and had to bend over to shoot right in front of them.

I had a late dinner (~10pm) of a hotdog with mustard. Totally not something I would normally eat but when in Amsterdam do as the Amsterdammers (?) do, I guess. It actually wasn't too horrible, in fact I liked it.

We went for a walk. I was following the others and apparently they wanted to walk through the red light district. safe to say I was a little disturbed. Amanda and I ended up back at the hostel bar while the rest went to a famous coffee shop. I got a beer and no sooner had I finished it everyone got back. Some people went back out, but most of us went to bed. I tested my luck with the shower (which is seriously the entire bathroom) and then went to bed myself.

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