March 30, 2013

Day 82: Rain

There are still only a few of us in town. Most people went to the Amalfi Coast, Nikki and Jess went to Milan until tomorrow, Mandy went to the Cinque Terre, Lindsey Z went to Zurich, and Liz went to Paris. Today there were only six of us in town: Jen, Corinne, Chelsea, Heather, Lindsey M. and Me.
I didn't do much during the day. It was very rainy and gross outside. I went to the grocery store to get food for the next few days, worked on a paper, did a mini indoor workout, and showered. Then I met up with Chelsea, Jen, and Corinne for dinner. We went to a place called il Teatro located not too far from my house. I had penne with mushrooms and salmon.
 After we went walking and got gelato. I had caffe mousse.
 Then I went home and watched part of a movie before falling asleep.

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