March 20, 2013

Day 72: Auntie and Food and Basketball

I took my Aunt to Saint Ambrogio market which is a big indoor food market. We got a bag of fresh biscotti which was AMAZING.

For lunch we went to a seafood restaurant.
Food on fire is always a yes.

And for dinner we went to All'Acqua Al 2 (due) which has a location in my hometown of D.C!
After I went to Red Garter to watch the JMU basketball game in the first round of the NCAA. The management there agreed to let us watch it on the televisions and a bunch of us cheered on our team until mid morning (different time zone problems).

***This post was written in December 2013 because I forgot I left out a week of posts. My apologizes for gaps in my memory and lack of details.

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