March 28, 2013

Day 80: 80! When Did That Happen?

I had school as usual today. First was an outing for Art History at Palazzo Pitti. The outings are for everyone in the program, but as the semester goes on the number of attendees is dwindling. Then I split a pizza with Amanda and finished up my paper in the library. I ended my day with an Architecture lecture.
Amanda left for Amalfi Coast with some of the other girls around 7pm. I walked with her to the grocery store, got a few things then said bye and went back home for dinner.
Around 10pm I met Jess and Nikki and we went to our friend Sam's apartment to hang out. I introduced Sam to a game called "Logo quiz" which is super fun. Then we went to a bar next door called Naima and met Jesse and Corinne. I tried Long Island Iced Tea for the first time (not my favorite) and then went home fairly early and went to bed.

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