March 22, 2013

Day 74: Venezia

I went to Venice with school. We took a train at 9:30 then arrived around 11am. There was a strike so we had to walk to our hotel rather than taking a water taxi. This took a while. When we arrived we were given our keys. Amanda and Laura went to the dentist, so only Nikki, Jess, and I were in the room and chose our beds. Jess went to eat with some others and Nikki and I went for a walk. The weather was glorious! We sat down in the sun by a canal.

We had a tour which was unfortunately inside. We were all so upset to be missing the beautiful afternoon outside.


After the tour we went on a gondola ride. It was wonderful! We went through the canals and out into the Mediterranean. We timed our ride perfectly as the sun was setting over the water and looked so beautiful.

Selfie.. Others took photos of me, but I have to get the pic from them

The other boat: Lindsey M., Jess, Meg, Lexi, Peg and Ciara

My boat: Nikki, Amanda, Cella, Mandy, Katie, and Me
 For dinner we grabbed sandwiches from a small place by our hotel. I had a wrap with cheese, lettuce, mushrooms, and turkey.

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