March 14, 2013

Day 66: Buon Compleanno!

Today was my aunt's birthday!
I had classes the ENTIRE DAY (booooo). First I had my internship from 8 to 10am. My first class was quite interesting. Samantha and I teach in a history class each week but after last week's debacle, we got switched to a different class taught by a different teacher. Funny thing, the teacher wasn't there! We were led to the class room by one of the staff members and she told us (in Italian) to start our lesson and then left. I had prepared a worksheet on Ellis Island. I had a student read out loud and then broke the students into groups to do some questions. Then we called on students to give the answers. The we talked about where our families were from. I had a sheet with a list of statistics about how many people immigrated and from where in the various years the station was open. We asked the students where they were from based on where the immigration was in a particular year and then talked about where most people immigrated from. We had some more time, so we pulled up the Ellis Island web page and had students come up and put in their last names to see if their distant relatives may have immigrated to the U.S. They really liked this activity.
My second class was an English class. I had the students play bingo. The bingo cards I made had pictures of food and then each column was colored (B= pink, I= orange, etc.). I would call out "blue fish" and the students would put their piece of paper token (that I had to hand cut before hand) to mark it off. Then when a student got bingo I had them recite back to me the words using the verb "to like', i.e. "I like strawberries, I do not like pineapple, I like oranges..." This got them to review their verbs, food vocabulary and colors.
Then I had Art History and Architecture classes followed by an outing to the Accademia. My aunt met me there and I gave her a cupcake. Luca gave us a brief overview of the David  and other statues.
For dinner we went to a restaurant between Santa Croce and Piazza della Signoria. I had wild boar and it was absolutely delicious.

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