March 15, 2013

Day 67: Palazzo Pitti and Boboli Gardens

Today I didn't have classes since it was a Friday, so I spent the day with my aunt. We went to the Palazzo Pitti and the boboli gardens (my favorite place in Florence).

I was told to be a statue

isn't my cast pretty?

Then I took my aunt to a favorite of my schools friends, Osteria Santo Spirito, for lunch. I had what Joe calls "spicy pasta," or a pasta with olive oil, garlic and spicy red pepper chunks.

writing a letter (left handed)

Sopping up the oil with bread
Annnd I spilled it all over myself
After we walked around the area. My aunt bought a table runner from a small linen shop. I got two little chocolates from a chocolate shop.

Sunset over the Arno
For dinner we went to a little bit hidden but good restaurant. We ordered a plate of various meats, cheeses and other antipastos.

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