March 13, 2013

Day 65: Benvenuti Aunt Alexis!

Sunset at Piazza della Reppublica

My Aunt arrived in Florence today! She will be visiting until next Thursday. I am very excited to show her around the city!
I had classes in the morning then went home and took a nap before my aunt called me. I met her at her hotel and we went for our first mini tour of the city. Her luggage was lost unfortunately so we went to a department store so she could get a few items. We had coffee at a caffe located at the top of the store.

We continued our walk and went by the Cathedral. I got a pic with the statue of the architect of the church, Arnolfo di Cambrio.

Then I went home for dinner with my homestay and then worked on activities for my students.
Highlighting the "B-I-N-G-O" squares of the bingo game I created for my students

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