March 8, 2013

Day 60: Conquering Rome

We met at 8 am at the train station. It was an early morning, but worth it to be going to visit Rome!
waiting at the station
Amanda and I got bored
Our train was at 8:40. Before boarding, Laura went around and told us where we were sitting, but didn't give us our individual tickets. I felt a little bit like we were being treated like children but went with it. I was sitting next to Caleb. I read my book, but fell asleep pretty early into the journey. My arm ending up being in a lot of pain. When we arrived in Rome I couldn't even talk to anyone I was in so much pain. We had to take a bus from the station to the hotel. The entire time I just wanted to cry. We left our things at the hotel and I went out exploring with Amanda, Nikki and Jess. We saw the Piazza Navona then grabbed lunch.

Piazza Navona, where Romans held chariot races
We met back at the hotel and got our rooms. Then we met in the lobby for our tour. Our tour guide was named Frederico. His favorite word is "conquer." He would say "lets conquer the best position" and "conquer this cross walk." It was funny at first but got old fast.
We walked and saw some ruins and a water fountain spout thing.

Caesar Statue
Then our first major stop was at the Roman Forum.

the group

place of Caesar's remains
 Next we went to the Colosseum.

The last stop was at the Pantheon.

My room was with Nikki, Jess, and Amanda. It was decent sized, with two single beds, two roll away singles, a balcony, wardrobe and bathroom. We had a fun time and I'm really glad we roomed together. They are definitely some of my closest friends in the program.
We all went to the Trevi fountain. It was raining but that meant less people were there. I threw three coins in the fountain.

At night we went out to a bar and then a club. It was pretty fun.
It was women's day so they gave us yellow flowers
My stars and stripes leggings. I bought them in Prague and am obsessed.

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