March 6, 2013

Day 58: Casted

I got my "cast" today. After Italian class I met Laura and she took me to a store that sells all sorts of medical things (wheelchairs, braces, and other equipment). I got fitted for my brace and the lady who worked their told Laura everything about it. My brace has three rods that prevent me from bending my wrist and goes half way up my thumb to restrict me moving that as well.
I also got pain medication from the pharmacy then went to Dante class. Then I met with Laura to compile my receipts to be filed for the insurance company. And then I went to Architecture class which was very dull.
I have improved on my ability to write with my left hand as I won't be able to use my right hand for at least a month.
For dinner I had mini "pizzas," breaded zucchini, and stew. The stew was delicious. It had carrots, chunks of meat, and potatoes in a think beef/ tomato broth. For dessert we had crepes filled with chocolate. The crepes were chocolate and had the consistency of fresh pasta.

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