March 7, 2013

Day 59: Teaching x3

I got up at 6:30. That's right, 6:30 am. I was not pleased. I got ready and had breakfast just before 7 and then left. I had to teach at the school. My first class was going to be history and the second was English. I met up with Samantha and Nikki then went to the classroom. Lucia, the teacher, pretty much yelled at us in Italian. She basically told us she didn't want us there and that we were supposed to be there on Wednesday (I talked to Alessandro later and he told me that she had requested us to be there on Thursday and had been told that was when we were coming. That was also the same class I went to the week before and she had told me what to prepare to teach them this week.) Overall, I was extremely annoyed and pissed off. She was extremely rude to us and I am unsure if I will continue volunteering an extra hour of my week to teaching in Lucia's class.
We had seen Francesca, on of the English teachers, earlier and she had asked us to send anyone who was supposed to be teaching with her up to her room. No one had shown up (there is some sickness going around), so after being kicked out of the other class, we went to Francesca's class. She was happy to have us help. Caleb showed up a few minutes later and joined us. We took turns reading a passage about Nelson Mandela to the class. Then we split up and helped smaller groups do a worksheet.
I then had a second block of teaching, this time with Maria Grazia. The class is one of my favorites. I have been teaching them almost every week. Today they were writing about their dream house and then drawing a picture to correlate. The worked in pairs or trios and I walked around to assist them. I helped correct their grammar/ sentence structure and spelling. I also helped them with words they wanted to know, such as "swimming pool."
After class I went to Mama's Bakery with Joe and Cella. I had a sesame bagel with butter. I then went to the Palazzo Capponi. I hung out at the library until I had to go to my next teaching session at 1pm.
My next class wasn't so great. They misbehaved by being too loud and not listening to instructions so instead of watching a video, Maria Grazia had them read from their book. They were reading a dialogue which was pretty funny to me as a native English speaker. The characters said expressions such as "You're a star!" There was also an expression that didn't make sense/ was misused. The character said "Go on!" but I would say "Come on!" I guess that could be the British way of saying it, but it just seemed wrong to me.
I went back to the library and fell asleep (whoops). Joe woke me up and then I had to go on an Art History outing. We went to the Palazzo Medici to see one fresco. Just ONE! I don't know why we even went. It honestly wasn't that cool or interesting. Luca lectured for a long time about nothing really. Mostly talking about the subject of the painting rather than the technique or anything important (it was of the Magi, a story that I, and most, already know).

Rain :(

A stand selling cacti

On my way home I stopped and got hot chocolate and a croissant- ish pastry. It was a very rainy, disqustig day so the hot chocolate was perfect. Hot chocolate here is nothing like at home. It literally is hot chocolate, as in melted chocolate. Its thinned out a tiny bit, but it is not made with milk like in the states.
For dinner I had pasta with a cheese and tomato sauce, chicken, and baked zucchini. For dessert we had the chocolate filled cookie- ish things again.

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  1. Reading your blog always makes me so hungry! I think I might have melted chocolate fondue right now! :) YUM!