March 27, 2013

Day 79: Perks

I woke up late today, got ready quickly, chugged a glass of coffee, then set off for my 2 mile hike to the BI. I had Italian class where we learned about horoscopes (because that's very helpful vocab..) and new verb that is conjugated irregularly.
On my way to the Palazzo Capponi I got a pastry as I was hungry after my only coffee breakfast then had Dante class. Not even half way through the class my laptop died. I assumed the battery died, but when I later plugged it in I learned it had crashed. After several restarts and running a repair, I got windows up and running again. I had been working on my essay so I plugged in a flash drive and saved the document there.
I finished my paper, leaving some final polishing for tomorrow and met Amanda after her class. We went to our favorite legato place. I had a scoop of "after-eight" and a scoop of "mouse cioccolata." It was glorius!
We walked home and later in the evening watched the movie "Perks of Being a Wallflower" until dinner. Fun fact: my friend was an extra in one of the scenes!
For dinner I had the standard no sauce pizza- bread- thing, chicken breast, and pureed spinach (aka baby food). Rosanna offered a cake for dessert but I politely declined.

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