March 29, 2013

Day 81: Matzo Ball Soup

There are only a few of us in town for the Easter weekend. Most people went to the Amalfi Coast, Nikki and Jess went to Milan for part of the weekend, Mandy went to the Cinque Terre, Lindsey Z went to Zurich, Liz went to Paris, and Lindsay M. went on a day trip with her Aunt. On Friday in particular there were only five of us in town: Jen, Corinne, Chelsea, Heather and Me.
In the morning I met up with Jen and Chelsea at Santa Croce and we went to the Jewish district. Its Passover and Chelsea is Jewish and wanted Matzo ball soup, so we joined in for lunch.

Matzo ball soup
Matzo lasagna? Strange, but good

The Temple in Florence
 After we went to a chocolate place and got gelato.
Giant chocolate Easter egg
Cioccolata Fondente allo Zafferanno Toscana
People outside Santa Croce for Good Friday
Candy cart!

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