March 9, 2013

Day 61: When In Rome

I had breakfast at the hotel. I had granola and corn flakes with milk. a croissant with nutella, and coffee.
We met up for the tour at 8am. We first went to the Vatican Museum.

Liz, Melissa, Jen, and Joe

My group
one of my favorite sculptures

the seven muses
Bottom of a surcofigis (ish thing) of a Roman emperor
normal picture
why did I take this picture?

Out the window
a tapestry
I LOVED the ceilings
Raphael's School of Athens
stairs from above
Stairs from below

Then we had a break for lunch.

goofing around (pretending I am wielding one of the swords)
Tiramisu, ciccolatta fondente, e caffe gelato
artsy gelato pic?
Lindsay M. and me

Next we went to Vatican square.
Caleb, Me, and Amanda
The weekend roomies: Jess, Me, Amanda, and Nikki

accidental pic turned kinda awesome

Lexi, Christina, Me, and Amanda

Me, Amanda, and Cella

Last we went to Saint Peter's Basilica.

Amanda and me with our tour guide Federico
weird face pic
smiling pic

After Nikki, Amanda and I went for a walk around the city.

A bought a piece of art from a stand in Piazza Navona
The painting

Nikki, Amanda and I got dinner at a really good panini place near our hotel.

Prosciutto, broccoli, and cheese on rosemary bread

the cute waiter

At night we had everyone over in my hotel room for a "pregame" but really we just all hung out. We had music playing and everyone sat on the various beds. We played never have I ever and kings. Then some of us went to the same bar as the previous night. We grabbed three small tables and I sat down on a bar stool at a table in the corner. Some people went to get drinks so I ended up alone. This guy and his friend came up to me and we started talking. He was half Italian, half Israeli. I told him about an Israeli band I liked. We talked for a while when a fight broke out in the bar (yikes!). He left shortly after that. I then sat at a different table and talked to so members of my group. Some drama went down that I won't get into. Then I met some more Italian guys. They came up to me asking where I was from. Apparently they had see me from across the bar and placed a bet about where I was from. The one guy had guessed England or America and the other thought I was Canadian. I talked to them for a while before I left the bar with my friends. More drama ensued when I got back to the hotel and it ended up being a long night. One girl from my program was crying in the hall while a few others of us trying to console her. We moved into my room so I didn't end up in bed until 4 or 5 am.
Liz and me

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