March 11, 2013

Day 63: Library Naps

I got up late, about 8 am, and got ready. I had my usual breakfast of coffee and a slice of bread with strawberry jam. Rosanna hasn't been in the kitchen when we have had breakfast in the last week or so. She redecorated the kitchen while we were away on break. The table cloth went from being red gingham to green gingham. Then the chair cushions are much fluffier and are white with blue flowers. Her apron is in the same pattern as well as the bottoms of the curtains and the panels of these two drawers.
My first class was Italian. I sat next to Christina, who usually sits on the opposite side of the room, and also next to Lindsay who always sits to my right. We have been in a new classroom since last week. Its a lot sunnier and little smaller. We really like it.
I then had a break in which I went to the library and fell asleep. I positioned two chairs across from each other and made a semi bed and used my rain jacket as a blanket.
I was woken up by Joe and then went to the weekly meeting where the meal allowance and schedule was dispersed.
I ate a honey and jam sandwich I made, and an apple before Art History. We learned about Leonardo da Vinci, who I honestly don't like too much.
For Architecture we had an outing to a church called Santa Spirito that is literally next door to my school building. We first met in the classroom. Only Jess, Nikki, and I were there and we looked at a map of the city and asked questions. Then the other five students came and Luca lectured briefly. Just before 4, we went outside and he talked about the outside of the building. The doors opened at 4 and we went inside.
For dinner I had pasta with tomato sauce (much thicker than American tomato sauce), cooked spinach, and thick sliced turkey. For dessert we had apple slices which were chalky and odd tasting.

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