January 31, 2013

Day 24: Overslept

Today I somehow managed to sleep through an alarm, my roommate getting ready for school, and my phone ringing, not to mention other daily noises such as construction down the street, my apartmentmate's elephant-thunder-like footsteps and my host mother's fire alarm sounding telephone. I woke up, thinking it was still morning, to discover that it was in fact 12:45pm. I had missed my class visit to see art at a church. I got dressed quickly, then went to school. I talked to Laura, told her what happened, and that I had a sore throat the last few days and had worked out a lot the day before. She told me that I had obviously needed the sleep and that it was no problem that I missed my class.
I then went to the library and did homework I had planned for between my two classes. I read my art history reading for next week and the assigned cantos for Dante. Then I went to architecture class where we learned about the emergence of secular and civic architecture. I apologized to Luca for missing the earlier class and explained to him what had happened. I also got my first paper back and got an A-. I was a little disappointed, but I will strive to get an A next time.
I went home, watched some random youtube videos and then worked out again. Today I stayed in my room, so I just did squats, lunges, planks, arms and abs. I then had dinner, then did arms again and planks. I am really enjoying working out, especially since my diet here contains so many carbs.
My dinners for the last few nights, since I haven't talked about food in a few days.
Mon: chicken, salad, some starch (I honestly cannot remember); pudding with chunks of  bread or something (ickkk!)
Tues: gnocchi cakes, cooked spinach, thick sliced turkey; mini-donut like pastries filled with lemon and apples
Wed: small chunk of beef, cheesy rice, zucchini sliced long ways with cheese on top; same as Tues
Thurs: fish, cheese on pita/ pizza-like thing, zucchini (or something similar); thick cookie, rolled  with cream filling (kinda like pigs in a blanket, but the cookie was hard and filled with cream instead of a hotdog)

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