January 21, 2013

Day 14: The French Roommate and His Fear of American Girls

Today was a typical Monday for me. I woke up (a bit late.. oops), got ready and had a breakfast of bread with strawberry jam and a cup of coffee. I then headed to the British Institute for my Italian class. Massimo had us go over the homework then taught possessive adjectives. After class I headed to the Palazzo Capponi for Dante class. Alessandro lectured on Cantos II, III, IV and spent a considerable amount of time on Canto V. I didn't like today's class, as it did not give time for discussion, just Alessandro lecturing. Next I had the general meeting where I received my weekly meal allowance and schedule. Then I ran out quickly and got a sandwich-- Pomodoro, Mozzarella e Pesto. I ate quickly in the classroom before my next class started (I had about 25 minutes for lunch). In Art History we learned about the first Florentine painters and some of their famous pieces of art. Next I went for a walk upon which I saw a set of  60-some years old twins dressed exactly alike and a taxidermied badger playing piano. After my walk, it was time for Architecture outing. I met Luca and my classmates outside the Duomo. Luca took us inside and outside the building talking about the style and construction of the building.
Once my very long school day was over (9am to 5pm), I started my walk home. I stopped at the grocery store on the way to pick up some food for the rest of the week's lunches. For 7 Euro I got: 2 apples, 2 bananas, a bag of almonds, a bag of crackers and a huge piece of brie cheese. In addition to trying to save money, I am also trying to eat a little healthier and cut down on my bread consumption (no more daily sandwiches, pizza and croissants).
My arrival home was rather strange. After entering the front door into the foyer/ lobby and climbing the stairs, I unlocked the door to our apartment. The key sort of doubles as a door knob, so I usually crack open the door, put the key away and then enter the house. The lights are never on, so the hallway is always pitch dark. As I came in the door I saw some light and saw Jean Marcel standing in his doorway. Right as I entered the front door, he stared at me for a second and then closed his door. Weird-ed out, I closed the front door behind me and went down the hall way. As I rounded the corner, I saw the light behind me and could hear him walking closely behind me. Probably the strangest interaction I have ever had with him... or with any human.
I wrapped up the day with a dinner that was actually decent. Rosanna made pasta with a white sauce, breaded chicken, raw tomatoes with olive oil and zucchini. The chicken was the first piece of meat I have been able to finish since I have become an un-vegitarian. I think it was because it didn't look like meat (the breading hid it), which helped me not to think about what I was eating. For dessert I had an apple. There was also chocolate, but my favorite french roomie ate it all, again (hes the worst).

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