January 12, 2013

Day 5: A Rainy Day

After not going to bed until 4am (whoops), I slept until the early afternoon. I had previously planned to walk up the dome of the Duomo, but it was a rainy day, so instead Amanda and I headed to a new part of town for lunch. A few blocks North East (the opposite direction of our school) we found many shops. This area was filled with locals and less touristy than any other part of the city we had been. We found a cafe and I had a pastry, which was flaky like a croissant but crispier and sweeter.
This rainy day gave me some time to reflect on my journey so far. The biggest thing I have realized is I haven't really made many friends in my program. Though I talk to people during classes and meetings, I have yet to really make friends (other than my roommate). I'm hoping this will change over time so that I can have the best experience here possible. Kind of similar to this, I want to start spending less time at home and exploring the city more.
At night, I met up with some classmates to go on a bar crawl, but decided not to when we discovered there was about 150 people. Instead we tried out a new bar and then headed to a club, Space. After some of us went to Uncle Jimmy's and from there went home.

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