January 27, 2013

Day 20: Bye Barcelona and Hello Home

I woke up at 9, got dressed, packed up and had breakfast before heading out for a last look at the city. I walked by the water and went to the beach. It was my first time seeing the Mediterranean Sea (well, Friday was).

Pointing at some dogs

And talking.. or something?

Falafel for lunch, yum!

Arc de Triomf

I took the bus back to Girona around 3pm and then boarded the plane at 6pm. I had to use the restroom and they called for boarding as I entered it. So Amanda and I ended up near the end of the line for boarding. When we boarded, a flight attendant asked if we were traveling together and had us sit in the second row. For regulation reasons, they need at least 2 able bodied persons for emergencies near the front of the plane. This is basically the Ryan Air version of first class. We were the only people in our row, so we left the middle seat open. I was able to put my legs up on the second seat and sleep, which was amazing. After landing, I took a bus home to Florence.
During the way back I kept saying things such as "I can't wait to be home," and "I want to sleep in my bed." Its funny how quickly a place can become your home. When I walk around, I do not feel like a stranger, I feel like this place, this city, this town is mine. Florence is no longer a city of wonder and distance. I am proud to call Italy my home and cannot wait to spend the next three months enjoying it.

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