January 29, 2013

Day 22: Teaching, Wine Tour, and Live Music

Today was a busy day, so I'll break up the post into sections.
My class's seating chart
I began with my permanent assigned class this week, 1D. They are a level one class (6th grade) and I ABSOLUTELY love them. They are well behaved, energetic and smart. I am so excited to be working with them for the rest of the semester. One of my favorite students so far is named Eric. His father is from Finland and his mother is Italian, and he has the most gorgeous blue eyes. He also speaks English very well.
Heather and I were working together this week. Unfortunately she was switched to another class next week, but we are hoping to sort that out since we work well together and both feel the class we were assigned is a good fit for us.
We began the class by holding up a fake clock and having the students tell the time in English. They were split up into teams and were very competitive, but in a sweet and well-mannered way. Instead of saying 7:35, they would say its 25 until 8. I found this interesting, since I never say the time in this way.
At the end of class, they sang the "Happy Days" theme song as a way to practice their days of the week. The kids were so happy, danced and all sang along. I was really impressed with their energy and want to learn.
My lunch: Nutella & Jelly sandwich, banana and peach tea
Wine Tour

One of the professors at my school is a member of the Frescobaldi family, a prominent Tuscan wine producer. She took us to two of the estates of her family, gave us a tour and we had a tasting.
1st Estate

A cool chair in the house

2nd Estate

Wine and Olive Oil Tasting
I do not like wine. Not one bit. It is sour, bitter and acidic. Despite this, I tried three wines today. The first was a chardonnay from the first estate we visited. The last three were from the second estate and were reds. I disliked them all. Bread and cheese was provided to taste the wine with food. The best part was the olive oil, which is also distributed by the family. It was the best olive oil I have ever had!


Live Music
I went to a few bars to hang out with my classmates. Some drank, but I didn't since it was a school night. We went to a few different places: Rex, The Red Garter, The Lochness Lounge and K? (can't remember the name.. whoops).
At the Lochness Lounge, a band was playing and I recorded part of a song. Sorry the video is sideways, I can't flip it and also can no longer imbed videos (I don't know why, but it just doesn't work). Click on the link to watch:

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  1. Great pictures, as usual. Sounds like the students of the class you were assigned to are wonderful. The band you videoed sounded good.