January 15, 2013

Day 8: Waking Up Before the Sun

I started my morning by waking up somewhere between 6am and 6:25am this morning (midnight EST to put that in perspective). I was not a happy camper in the slightest. On our way to school, at about 7:15am, Amanda and I stopped at a bakery and had breakfast.
My breakfast pastry
We then headed to the BI to meet the rest of our classmates and Cosima to have a meeting with a lady from the post office to confirm that our Permisso de Sigiorno documents are actually ours by showing the lady our passports. When I was called up to show my passport, I was sitting in a row of seats and managed to get my foot stuck on a jacket and almost faceplant into a chair across the room, much to the amusement of my classmates. Luckily I am used to a lifetime of klutzy-ness and was able to brush this off like it was nothing.
We then had free time until Italian classes so Amanda, Liz (a classmate) and I went to get coffee from the vending machine down the hall. I had a cioccolata con latte (hot chocolate.. literally chocolate and milk) for €0.35 which was actually really good.
Italian class was my only class today. Mossimo had us go over our homework then we reviewed conjugating verbs and continued learning some words on a menu.
After class I went to the Palazzo Capponi and spent about an hour in the school library doing my homework before getting lunch at Gusta Pizza with my classmates Liz, Amanda, Jess, Nikki, Rachel and Christina.
Biblioteca Galilei
For dinner tonight we had pizza again (though mine is "bianca," so just bread with cheese) and chicken drumsticks. As a very recent former vegetarian, the chicken was quite a challenge to eat. I had a few bites and immediately missed my beloved tofu and vegetables. I also drank about 6 glasses of water. Why? Because I am so thirsty all the time here. For dessert we had cut up and possibly cooked apples, and Jean Marcel (Julio's real name, as I found out tonight) ate the rest of the Euro chocolates (I'm a little bitter about that).

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  1. All these food pictures make me really hungry Quinn... :)