January 30, 2013

Day 23: Room Tour

Not much happened today. I had two classes, Italian and Dante. Afterward I had lunch in the library, did my homework and then went home.

So instead of the typical blog post, here is a video tour of my bedroom featuring songs by The Lumineers.


Do you like these kinds of posts? Should I make more videos? Interested in seeing a full apartment tour or a walk to school video? Let me know in the comments below :)

I also worked out today for the first time since I have been in Italy. I went for a run, then stopped at a park to do circuit training such as lunges, push-ups and jumping jacks, then I did some sprints. I went home when it started to get dark and did stretches before doing sit-ups, a Jillian Michaels ab workout routine, planks, more sit ups, twist crunches and an arm workout.


  1. Yes! I like the videos Quinn! What ever you feel like posting would be awesome! :)

  2. The video was fun to watch. I would love to see a video of your walk to school, what you see everyday. You cannot stop posting the beautiful pictures you have taken.