January 26, 2013

Day 19: Barcelonaaaaa

Day 2 of my adventure in Barcelona! I had an amazing time and saw a lot. Pictures are easier than words, but I will put some explanations in here and there.
I went on a free walking tour and saw central downtown.

Former umbrella factory
On a church that was bombed during the Spanish Civil War, 42 people died, 19 were children, the leader that took over pardoned himself for all deaths and didn't allow memorials to be put in place where civilians were killed
Santa Maria de Pi, the second largest round church window (after Notre Dame)

Some street performers with a piano (what???!)
Statue for the national (city?) sport of people stacking
Man dressed as a statue
After the tour, we went to a large market.


I bought a huge bowl of fruit for 1,50. It had kiwi, cantaloupe, strawberry, coconut, mango, some sort of foreign white melon and a bright purple fruit
I took the metro/ subway/ train to the Sagrada Familia.

Me in front of the back of the building
I went to the Cathedral at night and was able to see the inside for free.

I finished off my night by going to a shots bar. I had a Willy Wonka shot. It was chocolate liquor with whipped cream and chocolate candies on top. And the bartender lit it on fire.

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