January 18, 2013

Day 11: Books

It was such a gorgeous day!

This was the last week of having Friday classes! And also the last week of daily Italian class! Wooohoooo!
The Ponte Veccio.. random, but beautiful

I went to the BI for Italian in the morning and did the usual class stuff. Massimo went over the homework and then we learned (but really reviewed for me) helping verbs.
I then went to the Palazzo for a meeting about my internship. Alessandro gave us an overview of the Italian school system and some of what we will be doing at the school. We then went to the school, got a partial tour and met a few of the teachers. I am excited to have this experience, but nervous also. I hope it will be an amazing journey that will open my eyes to new ideas and cultures. Being a comm. major, I am especially interested in learning to communicate successfully with students who have little English knowledge and some immigrants who also know little to no Italian on top of that.

Amanda outside the shop

After class I went to a bookstore that I had a small flier about (I am a compulsive flier/ pamplet taker).  I was so excited and loved being there. I love the feel of bookstores, especially small ones. There is just something about looking at books that just makes me so happy! I probably spent a good 30 minutes looking at books before deciding on two: "The Angel's Game" by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
(€2) and "The Beach House" by James Patterson (FREE). I also contemplated getting a different Patterson and/ or Huckleberry Finn which were

both €2, but decided to get them on another visit (they also buy books, so I can sell them back).

I also found this book, which I REALLY wanted. Its about this string of murders based on Dante's Inferno! I would have bought it, but it was €6.

My horrible attempt at taking a picture of the Arno at night

Amanda and I on the Ponte Vecchio- night time edition

For dinner we (a majority of my classmates + Laura) went to Nikki and Jess's home-stay mom's restaurant. There were about 22 of us, so we sat at two large tables with bench seats in the basement of the restaurant. I ordered Penne a Salmone and it was delicious.

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  1. Ah so excited to continue reading about your adventures. James Patterson is one of my favorite authors! I will definitely be praying as you enter your internship at the school that the Lord will give you peace and guide you through different situations! Can't wait to see how you grow through all of this and love the excitement that you have!!