January 22, 2013

Day 15: Studying

Today I only had a meeting for my internship, so I spent most of my day studying. My meeting was at the Palazzo Capponi at 9. Though it is scheduled to be until 10:30, it only ended up lasting a half hour. I was assigned my time to teach at the school, Thursday from 8-9am this week and then Tuesday from 10-11am the rest of the semester.
After the brief meeting, I went to the school library. I first finished my Art History text readings. Then I wrote two papers: a four page page paper on Sienese painting, and a two and a half page one on the Architecture of Florence based upon lasts weeks outing. I had lunch while I typed-- a piece of cheese, crackers and a banana. I then read Canto VI- X of the Inferno. By this point, it was about 2:30 in the afternoon. I headed home, all my homework for the week finished. Tomorrow I plan on returning to the library after classes to do any Italian work that is assigned in the morning and write a paper on the allegory of Canto I that is due next Monday.
Though I stay on top of my homework, I am beginning to be absolutely exhausted. Dinner is late here, usually at 8pm, so by the time I eat, shower and get ready for bed it is usually 11:30pm. This may seem early compared to my lifestyle at JMU, where stay up usually until 1 or 2am. But here it is different. I have to be up, dressed and ready to have breakfast by 8am, then leave by 8:20am to get to school on time. I purposefully do not schedule to have classes in the morning at JMU because I am not a morning person. I also have 8hour long school days on Mondays, which definitely doesn't help get me over the weekend fatigue (after traveling over the weekend, this is going to be horrible!). On top of that, I am definitely not used to walking at least 5 miles a day, 2 of which are first thing in the morning. This is a little bit of a rant, but it is a new obstacle I am trying to overcome and thus is important to my documentation that is this blog.

The temperature today was lovely. Though it rained on my way to school, on my way back it was almost warm. It is nice to not wear my jacket indoors or even wear just my long sleeved shirt (I always have to wear sweaters/ cardigans, and sometimes even gloves inside my house).
I have been reading one of the novels I picked up at the bookshop last week and finished it this afternoon. It was a strange story, but I really enjoyed it. The ending was especially strange and I still feel like I have unanswered questions. I have now begun reading my other book and plan to stop by the bookstore this week to get another for my weekend trip to Barcelona.
For dinner tonight I had the pizza-like bread with cheese again, a salad soaked in olive oil, small cuts up potatoes and a chicken drumstick. The chicken wasn't bad, though it did freak me out a little bit, but it was very garlicky, which masked the chicken taste. For dessert I had a small cookie like pastry. It was thick and dry, filled with cut cooked apples and coated in powdered sugar.

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