January 23, 2013

Day 16: Sometimes I Ask Too Many Questions

Today was another day of waking up at 7 (but lets be real, 7:15). I got ready, had my breakfast of coffee and bread with strawberry jam, and headed across the city to the BI. Italian class went as usual: homework review, then we learned something new and did some practice exercises. Today Massimo introduced family vocabulary as well as clothing. Once class finished, I went to the Palazzo Capponi for Dante class. I was feeling a little drained, so I had a banana before class (yum!).
Alessandro continued his lecture on Canto V, then two students quickly went over the homework reading, Cantos VI- X. During the lecture I asked a question that seemed to surprise Alessandro, which seems to be a regular occurrence between us. After I asked, he smiled and just paused for a minute, then stood up from his chair and announced to the class that I was "a very clever girl." My question was how Dante and Francesca, a woman in the first circle of Hell, could converse given that they spoke different languages from different parts of history. Francesca lived in 1200s Ravenna, Italy and thus spoke the Ravenna vernacular. Dante, on the other side, wrote this book in the 1400s and spoke Florentine vernacular. The significance in this is that Dante assumed that his Florentine vernacular, of which he was essentially the father, would become the national language of Italy, so all Italians, in Hell, Paradise or alive, would speak his language. This came true and Florentine vernacular is the national language of Italy known today as Italian. The vernaculars of other provinces of Italy still live today as dialects, but Dante's Italian is THE Italian spoken over the entire country. I'm unsure if Alessandro is impressed by my questions and insight, or just thinks I am strange. Either way, I plan on continuing as I have and asking my questions.
After Dante class, I went to the library like I do everyday. I ate a lunch of an apple and almonds then did some school work. I wrote most of my paper for Dante class, printed my Art History and Architecture papers, and did my Italian homework.  I then went home, had a little bit of cheese and then passed out for about three hours. I am just so exhausted!
The next two days will be early ones-- I'm teaching school at 8am (which is farther from my house than the BI or Palazzo Capponi) and then Friday I have to catch a plane for Barcelona. Hoping to get to bed early tonight and get some much needed rest.
Dinner tonight was delicious! Rosanna made a sticky cheesy rice with ginger glazed chicken, salad with olive oil dressing and slices of mozzarella (some of the best I have ever had!). For dessert she made cut up and cooked apples.

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