January 16, 2013

Day 9: I Love Dante

Dante's Inferno

I started off my day with another Italian class. Today Massimo went over the homework, then split us off into pairs to practice conjugating and then went over conjugating irregular verbs.

"Rispect" a little poster made by kids studying English at the BI (too funny)

After class, I shared my umbrella with Liz and we headed to the Palazzo Capponi for Dante class. I absoultely love Dante's Inferno. It is such an interesting read and has so much depth to it/ stuff to read into and discuss. I asked many questions to Alessandro and participated in the discussion (only 3 of us did so). Alessandro, though he kept forgetting my name, seemed impressed. I also went up to him after class to get clarification on a paragraph.

After class I went to lunch at a cafe down the street and ordered a "pomodoro, mozzarella e pesto" sandwich. I brought it back to the Palazzo library and ate with some of my classmates. I then did my Italian homework before the rest of the students headed to wine class. I then began reading Dante, Cantos II- V. Part way through my reading, Alessandro came in the room to talk to Laura (who was working in the library) and I got a chance to talk to him more. He told me my questions in class were very good (wait, does that make me the teachers pet?). I also asked him to clarify a part of the book/ confirm what I thought was going on actually was. And talked to him about an idea I had presented in class that was proved to be true in Canto II and he told me something that has allowed me to think more into the book.
I finished up my reading then headed into another room to look up a word that I needed to define from the book. Then I talked to Chiara and got some pictures for my Architecture and Art History classes uploaded onto a flash drive. I also got my Architecture "textbook", which is actually a compilation of photocopies from various books. So I began reading the assigned Architecture pages until Amanda was done with class and we headed home.



  1. I go to your blog basically everyday. I am obsessed. I love that you add lots of photos! MISS YOU.

    1. I wish I could like comments, but this seems like the closest thing, one your both adorable and two I TOTALLY second everything Rachel said!!! Miss you darling!