January 14, 2013

Day 7: Monday Madness

This morning we welcomed a new member to the apartment. And by welcomed, I mean we sat awkwardly at the kitchen table eating our breakfast before school. Rosanna introduced us as we walked into the kitchen, but I honestly have no idea what she said his name is, so instead I like to refer to him as Julio or the man down the hall.
Just a random ceiling in our apartment. because why not?
After a strange, quiet breakfast Amanda and I left for school. Today was what I like to refer to as "Monday Madness" meaning that I have 4/5 of my classes and a meeting, starting at 9am and not ending until 5pm. I started off this packed day at the BI for Italian class. Massimo (my professor) reviewed indefinite articles and basic questions. I then headed to the Palazzo Capponi for Dante class where Alessandro passed out our books and assigned our first reading. Next up was the weekly general meeting, where we get our meal allowance, any necessary papers, schedules and are told any announcements. We were given information about our upcoming trip to Siena. Then I ran out quickly to grab a sandwich for lunch and brought it back to school. I ordered a vegetable sandwich from a cafe down the street called Cafe Bianco. It had mozzarella, zucchini, peppers and eggplant. It was extremely salty and I only ate about half. My next two classes were taught by Luca, a professor I had not yet previously met. Luca is younger, I would guess in his 30s. He dresses very trendy/ European-- pierced ear, combat-ish boots, nice jeans, dress shirt and sweater. The first class was Renaissance Art. This class will probably not be one of my favorites, but I need it for my degree. The next class, though, I found to be very interesting. Architecture is actually a really cool class. I am very interested in studying it and can't wait for our first outing on Thursday.
After finishing up a very exhausting day, I headed home. I watched an episode of TV (I had to buy it since Netflix and hulu are not available here), then did my Dante and Italian homework.
For dinner we (Amanda, Julio and I) had pasta with a light cream sauce, chopped baked potato chunks and some fried thing. The pasta was awesome (I LOVE pasta) and the potatoes were also good. We then had apples for dessert and Rosanna gave us a bowl of chocolates shaped like Euros.
The chocolates and their real money counterparts

Dinner was interesting to say the least. Laura (Rosanna's daughter) came over and is seemingly friends with Julio. They talked, I think somewhat about us based on Julio's pointing at us, but I wasn't really listening to them to figure it out. Laura told us that Julio is shy but speaks some English and the he is actually French, but speaks Italian very well. So if he is living here with us for a while, this could be a very strange and unique experience.

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