January 20, 2013

Day 13: Fiorentina v. Napoli

Today I went to a calcio (soccer) game with some of my classmates! The fans were insane, but as a Philadelphia baseball fan, this type of fandom seemed like nothing. It was very rainy, after all it is the rainy season here in Florence, so we all had to wear our jackets/ umbrellas. The game ended in a 1-1 tie.
The stadium

Guards dividing the Napoli and Fiorentina fans
A little glimpse of Tuscany in the distance behind the stands
My classmate, Cella, wearing a Fiorentina scarf
I had dinner tonight at Astor, an American-ish/ sports/ modern bar located right next to the Duomo. I had the veggie sandwich, fries and a Coca Light. I like this place because it is cheap, the food reminds me of home and there is no sit down charge. On my way home, Amanda and I stopped and got gelato, I got Caffe' and she got Straciatella.
I had already eaten half the fries...
...and most of the gelato (whoops)

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