April 11, 2013

Day 94: Finals Day 2 and Farewells

Today was one of the toughest days I have ever had in my life. I had to say goodbye to my professors, friends and take two finals.
First I had my Art History final followed by lunch at Gusta pizza and gelato from La Carraia.

 Amanda and I wrote on our order slip and put it under the table.

Fondente and After-Eight
Saying goodbye to Alessandro was probably the most difficult. A group of us went up to his office on the second floor (I had no idea these rooms existed). We stood in the hall and he asked us about our summer plans, when we were leaving Italy, and wished us luck. We were still conversating when he turned to me, said "Well, Quinn", outstretched his arms and hugged me. That was my "oh-my-this-is-over" moment. I hugged him, my favorite professor of all time, and got a picture.
After this point I had to distract myself in order to keep it together. This is actually when I got the gelato and then went back to school to study. I had my architecture final. I stayed around the building for a while, unwilling to leave just yet. I said bye to Luca, Cosima, and Laura. I was emotional but hiding it very well. Jess and Nikki were heading to the American church to donate some clothes people in the program were getting rid of and I went with them to postpone my return home. I talked to them, laughed and had a good time.
When I got home, I sat down on my bed and it all came out. I cried. Tears just came pouring out of my eyes. I was smiling but crying, unable to control it.
At night I went out with some of my classmates to say goodbye. We went to Naima bar and then a club called Full Up, followed by the secret bakery.


Though I don't leave until Sunday, saying goodbye was extremely difficult for me. My professors have each made a huge impact on my life and I hope I can someday return to Italy and see them. This journey has been an unforgettable one. I have made memories and friends for life. This is my 94th day in Firenze and I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

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