April 2, 2013

Day 84: April Fools

There was no school today, so that meant only one thing... procrastinating my work and sleeping in. I'm pretty sure I'm coming down with something again so I have been trying to eat lots of fruit, drink lots of water and juice, and sleep decent hours.
After waking up I worked on my paper for a while then in the late afternoon went to the Palazzo Capponi. Now, you may be thinking, why did you go to school on your day off? Well some of my friends live on the second floor and we wanted to hang out.
Most people were still out of town, so Lindsey M., Jen hosted myself, Nikki and Jess at the Palazzo. Lexi, who also lives there and had gotten back that morning, also hung out for a while. We baked chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen (apparently the ingredients were so hard to find that Lindsey had her mom bring her brown sugar when she had visited a few weeks before). It was lots of fun and delicious!
Jess cutting up chocolate
Jen stirring
Cut up bars of dark and milk chocolate, and limited edition pretty colored m&ms

The dough partially scooped
Cookie sheet ready for the oven

Beautiful colored m&m

I went home after for dinner. It was just Rosanna and myself, so that was a little odd. I had pasta with a thick but lightly coated on tomato paste like sauce and a chicken breast with cooked tomatoes on top. For dessert she gave me a chunk of a big chocolate easter egg. We talked in Italian a bit and watched the news. We talked about things on the tv, such as graffiti and meese.

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