April 3, 2013

Day 86: Spring Time in Florence

I had Italian class this morning followed by Dante class. Nothing particularly exciting happened. On my way home I got a pizza to share with Amanda who has been unable to go to school or walk anywhere due to a knee injury. Then I opened the big window in our room to let in some warm, fresh spring air and took a nap as I am so exhausted lately (I swear I am getting sick!). Then I went for a quick trip to the grocery store to get candy for my students, a pack of water, and some food for my roommate. Then it was dinner time. I had pasta, ate two bites of some unidentifiable substance (it was round like meat balls, but a light grey color.. I have no idea), and two small pieces of artichoke. For dessert we had mini wafer cookies and she put chunks of the chocolate Easter egg on a plate.
Around 10 I went over to my friend's apartment for a few hours. It was really fun.

my friend, Sam, and I playing a game on my phone

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