April 4, 2013

Day 87: Farewell Scuola Machiavelli!

Today was my last day at the Scuola Machiavelli for my internship. It has been an amazing experience to teach the students English and learn about the Italian school system. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to meet and interact with such a diverse group of young individuals. I can tell that I, along with the other interns, made an impact on these students and their teachers as well. I would like to thank Maria Grazia, Francesca, Lucia, and Stephano for giving me the opportunity to work in their classes. My only hope is that this program continues so that these kids can have the unique and beneficial experience of learning not only the English language from native speakers, but also culture, tolerance, and overall, that people from all over the world aren't all that different.

I taught History with 2A and 2C depending on the week. This week I did Ellis Island immigration in 2C with Lucia supervising. Teaching History in English to Italian students was quite a challenge but I am so glad I took the additional hour each week (plus the time to prepare materials) to teach the class. It gave me a greater view of how the Italian school system works and also gave me the opportunity to work with more students.
A tote bag Lucia gave me as a present
My first years were my absolute favorites to teach. I worked with them consistently for a majority of the semester and formed a bond with the students. I was most upset to be leaving them. Despite being the equivalent to 6th graders, they constantly impressed me with their ability to speak English.

A card they made me
My final class was a second level. I have taught both English and History with this particular class. I am not as close with this group, but still loved having the opportunity to teach them. I gave them my address so that they can send me letters to practice their English. 

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